Healthy Hump Day… Featuring LS VIbe

LS VIBE… The Difference.

From the Chief Visionary Officer of Life Shotz:

20 years ago I studied a book called You2 by Dr. Price Pritchett. The book is about breakthroughs and how we can often struggle for a lifetime with trying to do something significant only to just wear ourselves out – or we can create a SHIFT in how we see our world and enjoy an immediate breakthrough.

Dr. Prichard used the story of a fly trying to fly out of a partially opened window. The fly would eventually die trying to fly through the glass instead of finding the opening. Finding the opening constituted a breakthrough of epic proportions leading to freedom being actually easy versus trying against the glass.

Once we engrain a habit in our brain we can go on autopilot. We don’t have to make a lot of decisions relative to that piece of our life anymore. The subconscious mind habitually handles those decisions for us.

As you have probably learned, new habits can only be created by the discipline of forcing them upon the old habit, thereby displacing the old with the new. It is a lengthy process of spaced repetition to get the new habit to take hold in the mind … perhaps 30 days in a row to begin the shift.

One has to have a very powerful mind set and motive to do something every day that opposes one of their long term habits. For example, working out when they are in the habit of not working out, or eating six times a day when they are in the habit of twice, or eating healthy when they are in the habit of unhealthy. This is why diets don’t work and why you cannot find a parking space at the gym in January but it is a ghost town 2-3 weeks later. Most people just do not have the mental and emotional fortitude to pull it off.

We are to fitness and nutrition what the open window is to the fly. Once we discover an opening in our food intake and fitness/nutrition goals we too can fly … and it does not take much discipline, hard work, sacrifice or struggle. We just want to fly and it is fun.

How do we create the breakthroughs? We create them through profound education. We are the voice that tells the fly the window is open over here. For example, if you have been in the habit of eating a glazed donut and a tall orange juice (500-600 calories of sugar) every morning for breakfast for the last 30 years, it is not going to be easy to get you to replace that habit with blending up a stunningly delicious, low glycemic, 200 calorie, protein and vegetable rich shake that’s super charged with a dose of Life Shotz and tastes like Chiseled Chocolate.

That much sugar for breakfast not only will make you sleepy in a few hours, but even hungrier than you are now.
That habit every morning is pushing your body to become diabetic … limb removal diabetic … one piece at a time.
That habit is triggering your body to store the excess sugar as fat.
That your body’s immediate response (like in 10 seconds) to dumping that in its fuel tank is the same as living in a toxic smoke filled room. You may be able to breath but you are causing critical damage to your health.
That the glaze on the donuts is made of the equivalent of rat poison (might as well be).
And the orange juice is not healthy at all. In fact it is a chemical waste dump of poisons well disguised as Vitamin C.

What if I could show you scientific evidence that all, or most of the above, was indisputably true? Most of us would change that habit immediately. We would be conscious of whatever change we made for a few weeks and then it would go on auto pilot.

Most of us without the Vibe Tribe there to offer us beautiful alternatives would just replace the donut with cereal and cow’s milk thinking we are getting healthier that way. But with the Tribe right there with you, the old donut habit gets replaced with LSVIBE and Life Shotz and now a few weeks later there is the new habit. These new habits support your wellness, immune system, vitality, fitness and overall health.

You see … the secret to fitness, and any positive change, is not just changing our habits. The secret is putting yourself in a place and position to discover a new view, a profound view out your window such that you instantly choose a new path. This is called a breakthrough, an epiphany or a paradigm shift. The rest is easy peasy. That is the Vibe way.

Feel the Vibe. Join the Tribe.

Instagram: Lifeshotz_powercouple



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