Hump Day Nutritional News: Featuring Life Shotz



Our belief in what Life Shotz can do for you is unwavering. We spent years researching our formula to ensure that what we created would make a difference on a cellular level. Our next step was to prove it for you.

We enlisted the best facility to help us do that.

Brunswick Labs, a leading international analytical testing facility since 1997, performed a blind study of Life Shotz along with five other competitive products. All five competitive products are from the health and wellness category. Based on their marketing and composition, these products should have performed on these tests. The lab scientists were blinded from knowing what products they were testing. Each test was conducted on live human cells to show the potential results in our everyday lives.

On three out of the five tests, none of the competitor products even scored. On the other two tests, the closest competitor scored a high of 9% of the Life Shotz score!

We live in a world now where exposure to UV irradiation is ubiquitous, it’s everywhere, not only from the sun. UV irradiation emanates from commonly used devices like florescent lighting, halogen lights, black lights, photocopy machines, welding, tanning beds, etc. Too much irradiation provokes free radicals that induce oxidative stress and possible cell damage.

This assay tests the ability of six blinded products to protect live human cells from UVA/UVB light-induced oxidative stress.

  • Life Shotz shows significant protection against UVA/UVB free radicals.

This test measures the human cell’s capacity to defend itself from free radicals. It is specifically measuring how much better the cells are protected by the antioxidants.

  • Life Shotz shows significantly strong protection against free radical damage
  • Life Shotz antioxidant protection extends the life of your cells.
  • The ORAC value of Life Shotz is absorbed into the cells and provides significant protection.

One of the ways the body defends itself from unfriendly forces and agents is to activate an enzyme pathway for causing genes to express protein products that enable cellular detoxification and purging.

This test measures the cell’s ability to turn on its detoxification system in response to free radicals. This is a vital mechanism for cellular defense against oxidative stress. When the system is activated it purges oxidizing agents from cells in order to keep them healthy.

  • Life Shotz was the only product to induce the proper cell-signaling response for activating this specific defensive mechanism.
  • Life Shotz supports the natural function of cellular defense.

There is now a massive volume of research illuminating the nature of inflammation and it’s relation to the disease process. It is natural and desirable for the inflammatory process to be engaged in order to heal from injury and acute disease processes. But when inflammation becomes chronic, it leads to degenerative disease of all kinds . . . heart, liver, brain, joints . . . there are really no exceptions. Inflammation can go in all directions.

This test measures how effectively a human cell inhibits the release of Nuclear Factor Kappa Binding (Nf-kB). Nf-kB is found in cells. When it is triggered, it causes inflammation. This inflammation is triggered by stimuli like stress, ultraviolet light, bacteria and viruses. The inflammatory response Nf-kB triggers is the body’s protective mechanism against free radical damage. Certain antioxidants reduce Nf-kB by protecting the cells from free radicals that induce chronic inflammation. If the inflammation is prolonged and constant, it can lead to chronic inflammation that leaves the body susceptible to disease.

  • Life Shotz scored significantly high in protecting against inflammation caused by free radicals.
  • Life Shotz turns on the body’s ability for cells to protect themselves from free radical agents, e.g. toxins, irradiation, pathogens, elevated insulin levels and stress.

This test measures the expression of SIRT1. SIRT1 is a cellular protein involved in the genetic expression of cell activity that corresponds with longevity. SIRT1 plays important roles in the cell’s response to the forces that speed up the aging process, such as stress, toxicity, poor nutrition and free radicals.

  • Life Shotz significantly activated SIRT1 expression.



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