New Years Resolution… LS VIBE testimonials about weight loss and keeping it healthy


“I just completed my first LSVIBE week! I no longer have cravings for bread or sweets. This is the easiest plan ever!”

– Ann Herlihy

“It’s now easier to drink more water and exercise on a daily basis. I’m more consistent and I’m getting HUGE results!”

– Amy Machado

“Most of my life I stayed at my prime weight or within just a few pounds. After I turned 50 it got tough and I steadily started to gain weight. I’ve been 10 to 14 pounds over my ideal weight for about eight years. Last year I started right before Christmas trying to lose weight and lost 15 pounds in four months … then I gained it all back over the next seven months.

Coming off the holidays this year I was 16 pounds heavy. In the past four weeks I have lost 9 out of those 16 pounds using LSVIBE. When I want to eat, especially at night, I drink a LSVIBE shake and either don’t eat or eat much less. It still takes discipline and determination to change habits, but now with the LSVIBE, I feel like I have help. It’s always nice to have the right tool for the job and LSVIBE certainly plays a big role.”

– Bill Blair

“Within about 8 days, I lost all food cravings that, previously, I would have caved in to! Goodbye, 15 lbs!”

– Laura Hickey

“With LSVIBE I can now offer my clients delicious meal replacement shakes and a solid program that gets results!”

– Colleen Riddle, Certified Personal Trainer

“Since starting LSVIBE, I actually crave more fruits, instead of processed sugar, breads, and desserts. I have even noticed an increase in energy when I drink the Shake! Life Shotz and the LSVIBE Shake is the perfect combination!”

– Christina Vieira

“I’ve been a workout machine for the past year, losing only 5 lbs. I started LSVIBE and have already lost an additional 3 1/2 lbs! The convenience of having this Shake as a meal replacement saves me time and has made my life much better! It’s the meal I look forward to the most!”

– Alison Lucio

“LSVIBE Shake is a delicious meal replacement that makes it easy to have a nutritional breakfast every day. The support and education provided through LSVIBE is phenomenal! It is amazing how much easier it is to make healthier meal choices when you learn how certain foods affect your body.”

– Shannon Dicks

“After 2 weeks of following the LSVIBE program and making healthier choices during the day, moving and better sleep … I don’t even miss my old habits and I feel great too!”

– Patty Nelson

Richard sent us a Life Shotz pack a while back. I finally opened LSVIBE and I absolutely love it. I’ve been looking for a green drink that my kids would like and it fits the bill! My 12 year old daughter Anabelle wakes us up in the morning blends smoothies with it.

We will want more!

-Jonathan Gilliam

“I’ve been enjoying LSVIBE and am very impressed by the quality. I’m starting each day with a LSVIBE Shake, which my body is tolerating amazingly. I personally adhere to the Paleo lifestyle/diet so the fact that the protein shake is dairy-free and gluten-free is much appreciated!

I’m a registered dietitian, so I’ve seen a lot of weight loss programs and am impressed by the simplicity and energy that LSVIBE has created. Everything from the ease of a daily routine (i.e. – nutrition and exercise) to the explosion of color and bold texts make it a fun, exciting program for someone to adhere too. The website is phenomenal as well, providing great video education.”

-Courtney Schwagler

“I’ve been using other brands of protein shakes for years, but no more – LSVIBE is my shake for life. I have faster post-workout recovery time and my appetite is noticeably less. The Shake fills me up and is the perfect complete meal!”

– Robyn Nassetta

“As a health and fitness professional, every day I see the need for a complete and healthy meal on-the-go! My clients want to be healthy, but are often overwhelmed with how to eat. With LSVIBE, I can now offer them delicious, meal-replacement shakes that give results!”

– Colleen Riddle, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

“I feel full and energetic after my LSVIBE Shake, and I crave it. It has quickly become my favorite meal of the day!”

– Karen Hummel

“I had my extremely creamy and rich chocolaty LSVIBE Shake – Delicious! I have never been able to mix a protein shake with water and enjoy it so much! I get a great Vibe from this one!”

– Amy Machado

“LSVIBE Shake is awesome! Especially if you are a chocolate lover! I have another brand of shake every morning, but it doesn’t taste like this – and I am usually hungry within an hour! This is thick with just water – I won’t be adding any more calories to this one!”

– Patty Nelson

“I love how the LSVIBE Shake is rich and just sweet enough. Something to satisfy that craving for sweetness, when you’re on a protein/veggie focused eating plan. It reminded me of brownie batter!”

– Sara Rasmusson


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