New Years Resolutions… Stop Snacking Just To Snack

Stop Snacking Just To Snack
When the best-intentioned co-worker brings in leftover holiday cookies for you to sample, it can be hard to resist — even if you’re not hungry.

“Just acknowledging that you do that is the first step,” Forberg says. Eating when you’re not hungry can lead to bigger problems, she explains, such as serious emotional eating, and the first step in stopping is to be aware that you’re doing it in the first place.

Mindless eating at work can add up — one report found that Americans add nearly 600 calories to their daily intake from snacking alone. The next time you’re tempted by a treat when you’re not actually hungry, have a list in your head of other healthy replacement practices to try instead, Forberg suggests, such as drinking a cup of tea, taking a stroll or walking over for a quick chat break with a co-worker.


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