21 Day Happiness Challenge

21 Day challenge - Day 9

“The natural world communicates its profound messages: things are okay as they are; you are okay just as you are; simply relax and be present.”

Native Hawaiians have a beautiful concept called “mana,” which means the power of the elemental forces of nature are embodied in each of us. We evolved in nature, and studies show that natural settings – the beach, the wilderness, sitting under a tree- are restorative. In fact, your brain on nature, is happier :)
Day 10 Challenge: For the next 24 hours, adopt the pace of nature. Tune in to the rhythm of the natural world – go outside, look around you and realize the earth is breathing with you – let that life force flow through you. Extra challenge: Just for today, go off the grid. Perhaps even, *gasp*, turn off or leave your phone at home! Our devices are meant to connect us, but the truth is that every moment we spend checking our phone is a moment of our life, right in front of us, that we’ve disconnected from. Today, disconnect from your devices and reconnect with natural world, and yourself! 

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