21 Day Happiness Challenge

21 Day challenge - Day 15

 Can you remember who you were before the wold told you who you should be? 

The “WHAT IFS” and the “SHOULD HAVES” will eat your brain. Let them go, today.
#FridayFreedom Challenge: Much of the pain we are dealing with are really only critical thoughts. The “shoulds” are often positively intended, like messages from your parents about safety or success when we were children. Guess what – you have changed! These thoughts no longer serve you in your adult life. Let go of these outdated thoughts by recognizing they were originally intended to help you, and then gently send them on their way. Tell your “should,” ‘Thank you for wanting the best for me, I am so ready to find another way to be.’
What “shoulds” are getting in the way of your authentic happiness? In the next 24 hours, replace that inner critical voice with thoughts that feel more empowering, and freeing! Letting go is liberation.

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